Our department is equipped with the following resources

The EASEA Platform

EASEA (EAsy Specification of Evolutionary Algorithms) is a software platform dedicated to evolutionary algorithms that since 2008, automatically parallelizes EAs on parallel architectures, that range from a single GPGPU-equipped machine to multi-GPGPU machines, to a cluster or even several clusters of GPGPU machines.


The PARSEC machines

The PARSEC (Parallel System for Evolutionary Computing) supercomputer at UFAZ is composed of 26 machines (combined power of around 800 TFlops in single precision, 1.6 PFlops in semi-precision) that operate collaboratively by exchange of knowledge (as opposed to data exchange). The calculations are carried out in a massively parallel manner on 2 NVIIDIA GPGPU cards per machine (approximately 30TFlops per machine, 11 GB of memory per card + 64 GB on each motherboard).